Tenant Representation

U.S. Bancorp

Minneapolis, Minnesota

The client changed its lines of business during an expansion and reconfiguration of their space at U.S. Bancorp. Hempel negotiated the early renewal and expansion.



65 Month



The Client needed to reconfigure and expand their space at U.S. Bancorp to accommodate new lines of business. The location was critical due to business transacted with Target Corporation.


Competitive Advantage - Identified and pursued alternative options to establish a combative approach with the current Landlord and negotiate terms more favorable to the Client. 

Innovation – Hempel structured a phase-in approach to the premises which allowed Tenant use of the space prior to commencement of rent. 

Value Creation – Hempel negotiated an early renewal and expansion which allowed for Landlord-funded improvements to the premises and free rent as an incentive. 

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