We have a knack for seeing value where others cannot.

Innovative investments drive Hempel’s investment strategy. Watch what develops.

Better investments.

Better returns.

By bringing a fresh perspective to underperforming assets and working with institutional and high net worth investors, our dynamic team implements visionary strategies. The results: Better than ever imagined, both in function and return.

Hempel specializes in new and adaptive re-use properties with a focus on office, retail, and multifamily. Hempel has a solid track record of acquiring and developing commercial real estate. We also act as asset and property managers on all of our properties. This provides us with the knowledge and understanding of each property within our investment portfolio and the ability to make sound financial decisions.


A diverse portfolio is at the base of our investment strategy. Our portfolio includes office, retail, multi-family residential, parking, and hospitality investments with upside potential.

Building on our experience and expertise, Hempel’s standing in the industry has only strengthened as our investors have shifted from private to institutional.


Strategic partnerships are the cornerstone of Hempel’s investment success. They enable us to expand our knowledge base and expertise in the industry to make strategic acquisition and disposition decisions.

Through it all, Hempel employs a long-term vision that responds to the needs of both the ever-changing market and the communities that are home to the investments.

Better Properties. Exceptional Management.

Strategic Investments.

Minneapolis, Minnesota